As you can probably tell from the other apps on this site, I'm somewhat obsessed with cellular automata and different variations on Conway's Life game. This is something new I've come up with along those lines. I'm back to experimenting with ClojureScript and that's the language in use here. The basic idea is that you can create "rule frames" that define patterns the game will search for. When it finds one that you've defined, it will replace it with another frame that you provide. Below each frame on the left is it's name and to the right is a text field where you can enter the id of its successor. When the app loads a demo rule set will load along with it. This demo illustrates some of the surprising results of applying simple rules to a grid of cells. To delete a rule, right click on it and click "OK". Add a rule by typing its width and height in cells in the text box in the format w,h and click "new frame". You can clear the grid by clicking the "zap" or "lightning bolt" icon in the upper right. There are many little glitches and bugs. This is a new app but I wanted to make this alpha version available at least to appease those who had been asking me what I was working on. It's also pretty slow since I'm using a very simple brute force algorithm for the search and replace right now. I've got a much more efficient approach in development that should be at least 20 times faster.