Greg Propf's Homepage

Welcome to my site. I'm Greg Propf. Right now, I'm reworking the site to group things a bit better but for now the main thing here is a set of small apps. Pixel Reactor is a sort of 2d grep program written in ClojureScript. SuperLife is a superset of the traditional Conway Life game written in Elm, and Matchsticks is a simple program that creates interesting patterns by scattering virtual matchsticks across a plane. I have a lot of interest in functional programming languages such as Lisp and Haskell. Elm is a very Haskell-like language in form and syntax. It compiles to JavaScript and thus can run in the browser. I'm also excited abou WebAssembly too and the prospect of being able to write web-apps without going through JavaScript as an intermediary. You may notice that a lot of the apps here have a fairly rough and/or undocumented interface. I'm working to improve that.

Finally, I dabble in what is often called generative art. Some of my older stuff is here too.